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Brutus J. Clay

Brutus Junius Clay was the son of General Green and Sally Lewis Clay.  He was born July 1, 1808.  Like his younger brother Cassius M. Clay, Brutus J. Clay was also involved with politics, serving as a member of the House of Representatives in 1840 and 1860.  Unlike his brother, however, Brutus J. Clay favored the use of slavery.  Opposing both abolition and emancipation, he voted against the thirteenth amendment, did not support Abraham Lincoln, and spoke out against the Freedman’s Bureau bill.  Although both brothers held very separate views regarding the slavery issue, this does not seem to have hurt their relationship.  Cassius M. Clay, while serving as ambassador, frequently wrote to his older brother and often asked for his assistance in household and financial matters. 

Taking after his father, Brutus J. Clay was a very successful businessman.  He was very hands on and knowledgeable regarding matters of his estate, of which he had more than 1,200 acres.  Brutus J. Clay used this knowledge in serving as president of the Bourbon County Agricultural Association for twenty-three years and president of the Kentucky Agricultural Association for seven years. 

In his personal life, Brutus J. Clay married twice, the first time to Amelia Field, who bore him four children.  After the death of Amelia, Brutus married her older sister, Anne Field; with whom he had one son.  His impressive home, Auvergne, still stands today.   Brutus J. Clay died on October 8, 1878, and is buried in the family cemetery behind Auvergne. 






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